Our Goals

Our goals for Soaring Butterflies for Turner Syndrome this year include:

A multi-disciplinary clinic so that all the TS girls/women can see all of their multiple specialists in one day.

Scholarships to be made available for families that financially can’t afford to go to the National Conference.

Grants given to doctors and professionals who will target areas of research desperately needed for the TS community.

Education and awareness in the medical field so that the average age of diagnosis drops from 12 to 4 so that the girls get to critical specialists needed in early development.

Resource Kit
A resource kit for newly diagnosed families to help them feel empowered to take care of themselves/daughters. This would include a bracelet with a USB port that would have downloaded information on what specialists to see and when, what to look for, and as they grow and medical information changes, that would be downloaded as needed.

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